Restaurant review – The Greenhouse, Mayfair, London

Is a one Michelin starred restaurant in the heart of Mayfair, and is an all round experience from the moment you walk through the garden to enter the restaurant, with its beautifully lit stone artworks by British Sculptor Emily Young and dark wood decking, you instantly feel as though you’ve stepped into somewhere special.

We were greeted with champagne as soon as we were seated, an amuse bouche arrived; tiny borrower size pieces of food presented on tiny sticks, a mushroom and truffle meringue that literally disappeared as soon as I put it into my mouth, then margarita bread as thin as paper but packed with flavour and a spoon size serving of Greek salad all hidden inside of a cherry tomato.

I then stated I was vegetarian; the maitre’D disappeared to the kitchen and came back with a selection of dishes instructed by the chef Arnaud Bignon to offer me. I opted for the poached egg which came delicately served with foam, so delicious and light. My friend ordered the crab and a glass of white wine was suggested and poured by the sommelier to accompany it, delightful. For main she opted for the lamb with a glass of red wine, again suggested to her and I had a pasta risotto with slices of radish and a lettuce foam, the pasta was similar to a bulger wheat texture, the flavours again were perfectly balanced and visually the food was clean and classic.

Pre-dessert came served on faux grass; a mini chocolate lollipop, a macaroon and a quince jelly, they looked so much fun, and a little bit Willy wonka-esque. For dessert I had the raspberry and fruit sorbet which came in a small pink meringue bowl with a star of meringue straws decoration, the fruits were tangy, the sorbet refreshing. My friend had the smoked chocolate dessert- it really was a work of art, but quickly disappeared.

Square Meal
The evening was a culinary experience on a whole other level, the service exceptional, the food imaginative, delicious and stunning, faultless. Really.

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  1. says:

    J aime la cuisine

  2. WOW , Im getting excited…Arnaud is cooking for me next week….A tasting menu of the season….and whatever he decides to send out…ill let you know how it goes.
    Alan ( cumbriafoodie )

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