Dr Nirdosh – Celebrity Cosmetic Doctor, London

I’m not sure what I expected when I went in to meet Dr Nirdosh. Possibly someone formal, sterile, clinical who would tell me I looked at least a hundred years old. However, I met a friendly, knowledgeable without being intimidating, personable, all round nice person. As well as being a Skin Doctor and Celebrity Cosmetic Doctor she also has her own range of skincare, supplements and has a best-selling book “Dr Nirdosh’s Anti-Ageing Secrets’


‘I trained as an artist as well as a surgeon. I admire the works of Leonardo da Vinci who was a medical artist sketching the face and body beneath the skin. Through my art I discovered that there is a big difference between someone holding a brush as an artist and someone who holds the brush as a perfectionist. I apply this principle with my cosmetic needle, meticulously using the methods of a perfectionist.

You can never plan the future but natural transitions happen. As an artist and doctor I understand well the 3 dimensional structure of the face, where muscles are inserted, and how features like cheekbones, beautiful eyes and refined jawline should be portrayed to suit a person’s features. I always intended to apply the principles of both and merge the two.

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My lecturers would say the face is one piece but I kept noticing the face has three sections with each section requiring correction in a particular way to create a pristine face. Each bears it’s own anatomy and needs attention to correct age damage in a different way. Overall, the end result must ensure that all three sectors are a complete match to ensure a smooth fluid looking face, not a mismatch one, which is what is often the result seen in the cosmetic industry. I do a lot of corrective cosmetic work on clients that has not been properly done elsewhere and has left their face looking dysmorphic.

All women have the right to be beautiful. I have rich Russian oligarch clients who want to look beautiful, but this does not make them any more special than a Ugandan woman who does not have the financial wealth or chances in life to exploit her beauty. Everybody deserves to be beautiful. When I see clients I do my best to make sure I give them the plan and treatments that allow their beauty to blossom.

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The relationship between the client and myself is of huge importance because the client can sometimes be unsure in knowing what they want. I’m known to spend longer than most cosmetic doctors just sensing the clients’ needs and personality. This way I get it right first time every time.

I also have male clients. Society is changing and grooming for men is not seen as social taboo anymore. Also, when men see their wives or partner’s become younger, that creates a sense of insecurity so they come for the treatments, as they too want to look good.

It could be argued that for me an interest in Anti-Ageing was forced upon me. As I state in my book, my mother prepared my school lunch boxes of 6 tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots with a pint of milk. Totally different to what my friends were eating. My mother’s obsession with beauty was installed into me as a youngster, making health second nature.

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I was the guinea pig for my plan and it took me time to unlock the anti-ageing code. The instant I had the formula in my hands, I wanted to share this with others. The good health and simplicity of the Dr Nirdosh plan is something women embrace once they discover the secret.

The best piece of advice I was given was by a famous Hollywood actress, she told me women should openly admit to having botox as this hides really well that you’ve had a full cosmetic face lift.’


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