Restaurant review – Les Trois Garçons, London

Is nestled around the corner from Shoreditch High street station and just a 15 minute walk from Liverpool Street station (I know, I did it). I’d never been but knew of the restaurant, it’s been open for over twelve years now and Michael Chan took over as Head Chef in 2010.

They have a fabulous General Manager in Fabien Babanini who is super knowledgeable and uber attentive. The décor in the restaurant is of course the first thing that hits you; stuffed animals wearing crowns, antiques on the tables, crystal chandeliers, handbags hanging from the centre of the room, it’s wonderfully decadent, bonkers, fun, I almost expected (or wanted) Toulouse Lautrec to come wandering into the room, you would never be stuck for conversation eating here and because of all the ‘ which have been individually sourced a credit card is kept on file when you book because so many items make their way home with the diners! The ‘Trois Garcons’, Hassan Abdullah, Michel Laserre and Stefan Karlson run an interior design business and their signature style is what you see throughout the restaurant.

The cuisine is based on classic French but with a modern approach, simple presentation, with light and delicious flavours. I started with a roasted tomato soup, delicious and filling, followed by a tortellini that I didn’t want to end. Then of course the chocolate brownie, divine. My friend had gnocchi, salmon and a very tempting cheese plate which I was tempted to trade my brownie for.

Les Trois Garcons is an all round experience, visually exciting along with good food and steered by a great guide in Fabien.

Square Meal
As well as the restaurant, Les Trois Garcons also operate the Loungelover bar on Whityby Street behind Les Trois Garcons restaurant; Maison Trois Garcons, a treasure trove for home interiors, and Chateau de la Goujeonnerie – a beautifully restored chateaux in Vendee – France, which is available for hire.

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