My week – October 23rd, 2012

I think I’ve discovered my problem; a day is only 24 hours so no wonder it’s tricky for us all to fit in as much as we try to…  Sitting here looking out of my living room window whilst writing my newsletter, all I can see is fog that hasn’t lifted the whole day, it’s definitely hibernation time, and the tortoises have got it right, who wouldn’t want to go to sleep all winter and wake up refreshed in time for spring?

These past couple of weeks I’ve crammed in some really fun stuff; Brigade on Tooley Street for a fab dinner with a chum, lunch meeting with the *Office show peeps at Brasserie Zedel, breakfast at Morton’s private members club on Berkeley Square with their PR (great scrambled eggs!) dinner at Tatra, a Polish restaurant in Shepherd’s Bush for a friend’s birthday and breakfast with my great friend and inspiration Bonnie Low-Kramen, uber PA and now author and PA coach. When I wasn’t eating I had a meeting with a recruiter about my PA courses and saw Anna Karenina and ARGO (loved both), it’s BAFTA screening season too which means I try to fit in as many movies as I can on the big screen before voting time.

I did some one-on-one PA coaching which was great; I love to meet people as enthusiastic as I am about being a PA and trying to get them closer to that dream job. I found the BEST mascara and liquid eyeliner EVER from a brand called DHC. The eyeliner is a fine tip pen style applicator and it stays on all day, the mascara has a tiny wand which for me is FANTASTIC, two coats and I’m done for the day and I really fit it coats every lash.

I also discovered an amazing product called Coldfront  (via Twitter!), if and when you start to experience hot flushes (hideous and uncomfortable) this little beauty is all you need to keep you cool. 3 small (almost look like the ‘chicken fillets’ people put in bras) discreet gel packs that you freeze in the carry case they come in (looks like a sunglasses case) then whenever you flush just pop one out and your temperature is back to normal within seconds.

Work stuff has been hectic but exciting as we had the opening and closing of the London Film Festival with Frankenweenie and Great Expectations so lots of bags, dresses, shoes, cars, hair, make up and of course umbrella’s to source. I slipped in a day of QVC in between plus a press day at Chiltern Street Studios looking ahead (away from the fog) to SS13 (check out these Penelope Chilvers boots below… wow!). Finishing with a weekend at Granny’s in Somerset, am now officially ‘pooped’ but as it’s the beginning of the week I’ll just have to get on with it!

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