Lauren Lawrence – Dream Diva – New York City

I have loved dreams since early childhood and have always had an uncanny knack of understanding them … not just my dreams, but also the dreams of my friends.

Now, many years later, I am internationally known as a dreams interpreter of the stars, an on air personality, NY Daily News dreams columnist, author of numerous books including the Dell “Dream Keys” series of books, and the coffee-table book PRIVATE DREAMS OF PUBLIC PEOPLE. (this coffee-table book was a compilation of the sleep dreams of celebrities from every walk of fame … Madonna, Michael Douglas, Gore Vidal, Kate Moss, Ungaro, Brooke Astor, Andy Warhol, Ivana Trump, Oliver Stone and more); you get the idea! I wanted to see if what one does in life is reflected in the psyche. Indeed, it is.

In 1999 I wrote a “Poltical Dreams” column for John Kennedy at GEORGE and interpreted the sleep dreams of senators and members of congress.

I am currently the dreams columnist of the NY Daily News, and last September 2011 my TV show “Celebrity Nightmares Decoded” premiered on BIO channel. Stephen Baldwin, Carnie Wilson, Nicole Eggert, Rachel Dratch, Bronson Pinchot were some of the celebrities on the show. While I interpreted their dreams, the dream was re-enacted/visualized on screen. It was a very cool show!

I never get tired of interpreting dreams because they are all so original and inspiring, so one of a kind … really very haute … like haute couture. I always say “Dreams are to the mind what exercise is to the body.”

Above is me and Nicky Hilton and her then boyfriend Brian Mcfayden, then me and former first Lady of Indonesia Dewi Sukarno, (these pictures were taken in 2002 at the jeweler Harry Winston in NY at my book party for Private Dreams of Public people.

People can send me their dreams from all over the world. If I like the dream it will be interpreted in my Sunday column in the NY Daily News.

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