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Gift Library is an online service providing a wide range of beautiful gifts. We pride ourselves on offering seamless personal service whether our customers are spending £25 or £500.

Our CEO, Caroline Stanbury, has been a stylist for over a decade. She found that her clients were asking her to source gifts as well as make over their wardrobes . . . and so Gift Library was born.

Our success is based on our ability to respond personally and quickly to our customers when they’re stuck for ideas, to ‘make it happen yesterday’ which is so often the requirement.

We have a fantastic dispatch manager who runs his team like clockwork. I can’t count the times he’s got a gift in Monaco for the next day or had a box of goodies wrapped and delivered to a birthday lunch in a West End restaurant within 90 minutes. The team work from our London stockroom, as soon as an order comes in, someone is picking the items and preparing them for wrapping.

Caroline has the final word on everything displayed on our website. She has exquisite taste and is fiercely passionate about the range. She works with our buyer and travels to trade fairs and out-of-the-way places.  Caroline likes offering pieces that people may not have seen and loves promoting hero brands – mixing the unknown with the well-known is her thing.If you don’t know what to buy . . . we’ll get a personal shopper immediately on the case. If you want it personalised . . . we’ll make it happen. If you need it in no time . . . we’ll wind back the clocks. If you need it in Sydney, Australia early next week . . . we’ll do it. No fuss. No stress. We take ownership from the moment you gave us the brief and details.

You can be sure we’ll treat your personal shopping requests with the same respect we treat those you send through for your boss. So, if you’re going to a wedding at the weekend and have no gift just email or call and we’ll send an image list within your budget and make sure it all happens on time.

We also work with bespoke orders. Some of the wildest have been a pinball machine with the recipient’s image painted into it, a foosball table with the family painted as one team and the England team as the other, an erotic chess set. Yes, really.

Suzi Anticich – Head of Client Liaison


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