My week – August 28th, 2012

With the Olympics withdrawals hanging over us the last couple of weeks, I’m so excited to have the Paralympics to immerse myself into this week, yay, bring back the nail bling GO TEAM GB! I was also thinking the spray tan companies should use some of our gold medal heroes (and heroines) in their marketing with the ‘Tom Daley’ tan or the ‘Jessica Ennis’ abs effect tan… catchy huh?

I had my own workout moments earlier this week when a clients gates got stuck and wouldn’t work, I literally had to pull them apart…however, not so brilliant on the Shellac… I’ve also been surrounded by construction work, gas mains changeover and electricity works in the last week but fortunately had a treatment lined up at Spa & Massage  – It was the anti cellulite massage and being a girl I’m fascinated with anti cellulite treatments; this is painful and uncomfortable (they do pre-warn you), I likened it to chinese burn/blackhead squeezing/eyebrow threading (all things that hurt me), I confess, I was a baby and could only endure one leg and finished with a fabulous back and shoulder massage. I was sore and bruised for the next few days BUT I am convinced that I have one leg less ‘orangey’ than the other (and I am a huge cynic), with being recommended ten treatments to get rid of it all I would have to seriously indulge in ibuprofen before going for another treatment.

The last couple of weeks have been filled with dinner at The Wolseley (as ever, perfection) , a show around One Aldwych – a gorgeous hotel situated between The Lyceum Theatre and The Novello Theatre where Mamma Mia’s new home will be. There is a wonderful health club and pool downstairs, plus treatment rooms – all of which you don’t have to be a hotel guest to use. The cocktail bar looked extremely inviting and because of the hotel’s ‘heart of theatreland’ situation it’s an ideal stop off pre or post theatre trip, and definitely on my list as a great meeting up place.

Dinner with Henrietta MacEwen of at the Hampshire Hotel finished my week – we were an awkward foursome in that one of us was on the Dukan diet and me being veggie, however, not a problem for the chef, our meals arrived with our requests in place, the wine was flowing and lots of much needed laughter prevailed, nothing like a bit of girl power to put the world to rights!

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