My week – August 14th 2012

Never one to like an empty diary, prior to leaving for New York I slipped in the Mandarin Oriental Summer party which was in their ballroom, beautiful and fabulous views over Hyde Park; unfortunately a monsoon outside but it was definitely summer inside, with lots of food, drinks and great music – a good time was had by all. I then met with a personal trainer/nutritionist/lifestyle coach in the form of Colin Berry  ( – tricky talking nutrition in Carluccios surrounded by pasta dishes but we cracked it, I came away with lots of ideas.

Being a fan of all things fashion I was thrilled to be able to peek ahead to Spring 2013 with Louis Vuitton’s Cruise Collection – bags to lust after, sleek and chic looks for your capsule wardrobes plus huge high platforms, I came away wondering if there was a way to make my own wardrobe look that stylish… unfortunately not! I met  who have an ingenious online company where you design your own shoes and six weeks later you could be walking around in your unique, one of a kind ‘hey I designed them myself’ heels, how cool is that? Then the 5 days before I went to New York I did the Purifyne Juice Cleanse 5-day weight-loss cleanse, so brilliant in that I didn’t have to think what to eat for 5 days. 4 juices plus supplements and coconut water arrived the night before, encouraging emails arrived in my inbox, and I’m not going to say it was easy… I’m the first person to tell you I’m no good without coffee in the morning but after the initial 2 days of withdrawal and stalking people carrying espresso cups that feeling began to fade and I definitely felt light of foot and my tummy less rotund and weirdly, even though I was hungry I slept better all week than I have done since I can remember… I would definitely recommend it before a holiday or special event.

I spent last weekend out of London with close friends for my pre-birthday shindig, we do it every year and it involves cooking, eating, drinking and trampolining (not necessarily in that order!), I’m now too tired to think of my real birthday which will be spent going to QVC to see the A/W knitwear range as I’m back on air the following week – is it Autumn already?!

LOVED the Olympics, I barely spent a day without sobbing into a box of tissues. No major work dramas apart from a satellite dish issue and a temperamental burglar alarm and as we were all glued to watching it all on the TV it made it very easy to work around. Team GB has made us a very proud nation, incredible, thank you.

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