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Irina Bond the founder of Purifyne Juice cleanse shares her story of how Purifyne began:

I personally started fasting (water fasting at first rather than juice) or cleansing 10 years ago: it wasn’t by accident or curiosity in any way but rather a conscious decision to deal with my ‘challenging’ digestive system. After my first water cleanse, I started reading more about cleanse benefits and came to learn about the healthy effects of juice cleansing.

As I had done a number of different cleanses over the years, mainly abroad, I built up experience and knowledge that was invaluable in setting up Purifyne. Also, before establishing the company, I tried a few cleanses in London to see what potential competitors have to offer. I honestly never thought of Purifyne as a risk but rather something that I strongly believed in, was passionate about and convinced would be a success.

Initially, we only had one cleanse plan: a Weight-Loss detox Plan A (with an enema kit). After a couple of month, we introduced our Plan B (with Colosan powder). Our other plans were introduced much later on.

Our best selling plans are Bespoke Plus and Signature Cleanse (from our Weight-loss plans) and Juices till Dinner Plus, as they include the most varieties of supplements to achieve the most effective weight-loss.

The vast majority of our clients tend to be very positive and open-minded about doing a cleanse.  As you already know, we place a lot emphasis on making sure that our clients understand fully what the plan involves: step-by-step guidelines and instructions are provided. Once they know what to expect, they tend to concentrate on achieving the positive results.

Admittedly a cleanse can be challenging at times but once clients experience the benefits that appear very quickly, they become motivated and encouraged, and very often they extend their plans too.We make sure people know what to expect because we always explain what short-term challenges they might face (i.e. queasiness, hunger, etc.) and how to deal with them and place ‘our clients and their wishes’ at the heart of what we do and based on our client return rate we believe that our clients appreciate that.

I did find some vital information – pre-cleansing, cleanse tips during the process, post-cleansing guidelines etc. – was missing from other providers and their client communication wasn’t that great either. Purifyne focuses on ensuring all of these are provided to its’ clients in the best way possible. We also try to go that extra mile to accommodate our clients’ individual and sometimes bespoke requests.

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