Restaurant review – Osteria Spiga, London

Osteria Spiga is a family-run restaurant situated off the main drag of West Hampstead; it prides itself on serving Italian cuisine with a modern twist, using seasonal ingredients.

Being family-run I figured I should take my family; comprising of my husband and daughter. Its bright red cheery front was easy to spot and Sandra Balla met us at the door – so warm and inviting, it was almost as though she was welcoming us into her own kitchen. There was another big family table inside and as the evening went on couples filled the tables around us and people came to collect take-away. The restaurant is right next to a busy pizza delivery place so it was nice to see that Spiga have a thriving take-away business also, even with competition.

We started with the Camembert Fritto that was deliciously crisp yet oozy in the all the right places, however for me it was a substantial portion for a starter. (This coming from the girl who likes to leave room for her dessert…). I then had baked aubergine ‘’alla parmiagina’’ for main – delicious, the husband had Paccheri con ragu d’agnello (pasta with lamb ragout) – he said the pasta was cooked to perfection, the meat was tasty and he enjoyed the combination of herbs in the dish. My daughter asked for mac and cheese, it was off the menu so the chef cooked it especially for her – ‘cheesy, creamy, yum’ were her words, and we shared the fried courgettes – so good they were gone in f lash!

Dessert was chocolate ice cream (that didn’t last long with a 6yr old…!), I opted for the Tortino which was heavenly, and my strawberries were stolen by said 6yr old. The husband had lemon sorbet that also didn’t last very long.

We rolled out of Spiga, our waistbands comfortably expanded and wished we lived slightly closer so we could also enjoy a freshly cooked, wholesome Italian take-away. A real gem, lucky West Hampstead.

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