Stars & Stripes Fashion (July 2012)

July 4th, Independence Day – not the 1996 movie starring Jeff Goldblum, Will Smith and Bill Pullman, but the commemoration of the declaration of Independence in 1776. A national holiday in the US celebrated with carnivals, fairs, picnic, BBQ’s, fireworks and family reunions but here in the UK we’ll be going to work as usual.
However, as I am a quarter Texan and a gal who loves a theme I feel it’s my God-given right to spend the day in full stars and stripes/red, white and blue regalia and if I can encourage any of you to follow suit I’ve put a few ideas together:

The Casual Look – AKA WonderWoman meets Britney Spears 

What you need: Denim cut offs, a bustier style top – I love this one from River Island, the peplum is so on trend too  and some cool red converse

The Preppy Look – Think Quinn Fabray from Glee

What you need: White jeans, blue blazer, red/white stripe Breton T-shirt – maybe this one from H+M – and some Minnie star earrings, like these from Swarovski.
1024px-Fourth_of_July_Cake 6

The Dressy Look – A la French Riviera

What you need: I LOVE this wide legged white jumpsuit from Reiss, maybe wear it with some fabulous red platforms and a blue scarf or bag? Accessorize it with this bag, also from Reiss, and this amazing star dress ring.

The Cocktail Hour Look– 70’s inspired, big hair optional…

What you need: How about this Oasis maxi dress worn with this Miu Miu star-print watersnake belt. Miu Miu also have some fabulous red suede peep-toe Mary-Janes that will look great for this look.
Fashion2 2
Have you thought about:

  • Dressing as the statue of Liberty? Wear a crown on your head and carry a torch (which can later double as the Olympic torch for that Olympics themed party).
  • Making a cute corsage for your wrist with a ribbon? It’s an effortlessly feminine touch that you can colour co-ordinate with any outfit. So break out the red, white and blue ribbons for Independence day. VV Roleaux are a great place to buy them from. It’s also uber practical should you need to tie your hair back with a moment’s notice.
  • Putting different Independence Day themed buttons on a cardigan, all completely odd. Firstly, to see if anyone would notice, secondly, to see if anyone would comment, and thirdly, just because…

P.S. It’s optional to eat only hotdogs, burgers and fries all day, but milkshakes are  compulsory.

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