Prom Fashion – (June 19th 2012)

Theme, trend, en vogue – whatever you want to call it, I love fashion!

I love to get a look from an idea or inspiration and run with it, whether it’s from a magazine, photograph, film or someone you walk past on the street. I love to follow something from a thought through to fruition. I find myself inspired a lot by film; from Moulin Rouge, Clueless, Breakfast at Tiffanys (obv) to my favourite film ever ‘Pretty in Pink’ which I dusted off recently and has reignited my fire for all things Prom and 1950’s.

moulin rouge

As I was sadly too young to enjoy ‘Prom Fever’ which now most high school teenagers get to indulge in *sobs * I have had to take my prom moments from TV shows such as Beverly Hills 90210 (first time around…) and am SO EXCITED that 50’s fashion and Prom looks are back in stores for the summer. Full skirts, nipped in waists (to give the illusion of a waist to those of us that lack one!), girly, feminine, ladylike, glamorous, easy to wear – what’s not to love?

I stumbled across the Tara Starlet website. However, there are TOO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM!!! This cute red dress from Warehouse is cute for everyday wear  and this adorable one from River Island for the week that summer returns.

Also this look is so easy to adapt with what may already be in your wardrobe:

Have you thought about:

Wearing a thick colourful belt with your skirt or dress and co-ordinating it with a silk scarf tied around the handle of your handbag?

Wearing your cardigan draped across your shoulders, putting your hair in a ponytail and working sunglasses like a 50’s starlet?

Tying a chic scarf through the belt loops in your jeans and Rolling up your jeans to ¾ length capri style and wearing with a nice pair of heels?

Keeping it simple with a pair of false eyelashes and some red lips and nails – under-stated 50’s film star look.

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