My Week – June 19th 2012

Started with a really rubbish day, one of those when nothing goes right – everyone has a problem, public transport is up the creek, bloated, no-one returning my calls yet everyone wanting something ten minutes ago. So it was great to finish it with dinner at the Wolseley accompanied by a chum and some delicious Cosmopolitans –  I had forgotten how much I love those, they really hit the spot.
 cosmo 2
Luckily, I managed to find time to get back to Bootcamp Pilates in Notting Hill to try and work off a few of those calories. I had neglected it for the last few weeks as I’ve been a bit stretched for time. It was good to go back though, even if I’m now walking a bit ‘hobbly’.
I spoke at a networking event for PA’s at Olswang LLP on High Holborn which was fabulous. There were lots of incredible PAs there who I got to meet and chat to afterwards as well (over the BEST chips ever!). They asked some great questions: ‘Was it nerve-racking making that leap into being freelance?’; ‘Can you still work freelance after having a baby?’; ‘How can I find the job I love, I’m not using my skills in my current job and feel misled by the role I have?’. We had a lot of laughs – my networking top tips included using compliments as an opener such as ‘nice shoes’, which then led to my shoes being complimented several times over – they were great shoes though!

I got to see the Damien Hirst exhibition at the Tate Modern too. I’m usually one of those people who completely forgets something is on and then gets to see it in the last week with several thousand of my closest friends and can’t see a thing but yay, this time I managed to time it in the middle of it’s run and saw everything with ease. Although now I’m possibly regretting that considering some of the exhibits on offer… severed cow head with maggots and flies not being my vegetarian artwork of choice…

After doing my first #adminchat on Twitter’ for Lucy Brazier of Executive Secretary and The VA Magazine, which was just brilliant as I had so many interesting questions to answer, I helped a client find a new nanny in LA this week via my great friend Michelle of MBE Staffing. Honestly if you need to find anyone household there Michelle is your gal. Not many too out of the ordinary requests this week workwise, which usually means that next week I’ll be hunting down that ‘obscure never to be found item’ with my private detective hat on…


But hey, I do love a challenge and remember, where there’s a challenge there’s a cosmopolitan at the end of it….

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