My week – July 3rd 2012

Well, my head is buzzing and my feet are fizzing, both in a good way. I just came home from a great day at my ‘So you want to be a celebrity PA’ seminar at the gorgeous Mercer Street Hotel, Covent Garden. I’m always inspired by the people who come and share their experiences with me. We also had delicious prosecco to end the day with in a 7th floor suite which may also have added to the buzz/fizz….!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. I had lunch at The Ivy for Father’s Day. Seven tables all had children sat at them, making me feel for those who thought they were safe going there for a ‘grown-up, child-free’ lunch…

I saw Friends with Kids at BAFTA – which was laugh-out-loud hilarious and well suited for anyone with children or without. I sobbed so much at the end I had to put my sunglasses on to re-enter Piccadilly with some dignity. (Don’t take this to mean it’s a tear-jerker though, I’m the person who cries at adverts…).

As I’ve been force-fed sport for the past two weeks, I’m doing my best to attend lots of evening events. Amongst others, I took a good friend to the Playboy Club for the exclusive preview of ‘The Italian Job’ – a display from 3 Italian artists: Sorveno, Saltarelli and Bellini. (I really want one of those bunny outfits – imagine the school run!).

I also went to a Rosé tasting at the Saatchi gallery, in aid of the Starlight Children’s Foundation, I was chuffed to have my chum Henrietta MacEwen of Miss Jones PA as my ‘wing-woman’ for the night too.

To relax a little, I was lucky enough to sample a Charlotte Colwell Organic Facial, a unique treatment she has evolved over the years. I had the ‘face lift massage’ a glorious 45 minutes involving massage, hot stones and delicious products. I was so relaxed when I came out I had to sit on a bench for 10 minutes before I could pick up my daughter from school, I felt almost liquid!

Work life has involved a gazillion ants falling out of a roof cavity that a workman came to repair! Fortunately, I have a great pest control company on speed dial (as everyone should – never assume ants are only in the pavement cracks outside your house!). And on a more positive note, I discovered a brilliant cleaning product  called Mr Power that gave new life to a pair of shoes destined for the charity bag, *score * !

Oh and I gave a quick interview for Top Santé magazine on some time-saving tips, in the rare spare time I found.

Birthday cake

Finally, happy birthday to my daughter who turns six today! The fab stickers at the Artbox in Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden will be the best gift ever, I kinda wish I’d stumbled across the store before I bought everything else though….!

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