My week – July 17th 2012

What a crazy couple of weeks – I’ve been trying to be in several places at the same time (I’m not joking when I say I’d like to look into cloning), partly because I had lots of moving of client furniture into storage and at some points out again! Thankfully I have a great guy at Aussie Man and Van in the form of Mark Prout – trust me when I tell you this man has patience to be reckoned with, I wouldn’t use anyone else. Although I personally wasn’t physically moving anything, I did do a lot of pointing and am happy to report my cuticles have now been fully restored!


I try to fit in meeting PR’s in the times I’m not with clients to build up my knowledge and my ‘black book’.  It is full of the gems I love to share and there are many to be found out there.

I went for a look around (and coffee) at the Metropolitan Hotel on Old Park Lane with Katie who I met at another event. It’s quite fabulous in there: understated yet luxurious and the views over Hyde Park from the 10th floor were stunning. The restaurant is Nobu, which as everyone knows is incredible. The spa, Como Shambhala, is amazing too – I could smell it from the moment I stepped out of the lift, and immediately felt my shoulders drop whilst breathing in deeply the intoxicating aromas.

If you are a fan of vintage clothing you really need to check I went to meet the owner, Rebecca Rose, in her showroom near Kings Cross, which is like an Aladdin’s Cave. It’s filled to the brim with a wonderful assortment of dresses, coats, hats, and accessories. I wanted to try everything on and lose myself in my imagination but I had the school run…!

Social stuff included Moonrise Kingdom – I love Wes Anderson movies anyway and this was all to love – quirky, funny and brilliant. Had an amazing dinner at Quilon (look out for the review next week) with a chum and then threw in a bit ofBootcamp Pilates  to try and reclaim the body I always wanted.

I’m taking my daughter to New York next week, her first time, let’s face it you’re never too young for a touch of retail therapy… we’ll check in from there, see you on the other side!

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