Jubilee Fashion (older post from June 2012)

It’s a big weekend for parties this weekend and Diamond Jubilee fashion is what it’s all about. Just walk through any store at the moment (regardless of whether it’s high street fashion or a hardware store) they all have the same theme – JUBILEE. But how can you make your jubilee fashion statement less than the obvious?

Yes we’re proud to be British but unless you want to go full out red, white and blue or pearly king or queen there are more subtle ways to convey a theme…

I love a theme, I love parties with a theme, fancy dress, seasonal, anything – possibly because I’m an organizer and I like things to all tie together, or, because a theme makes it easier to put an outfit or a party together as you can concentrate on the subject in hand.
f and f 2
Have you thought about:
  • Wearing a white, red or blue linen or cotton dress as your backdrop (like the gorgeous red F&F one pictured above) and accessorizing against it – either with something fun such as one white and one blue shoe (odd shoe couture being popular when one of my clients decided to work it at the Golden Globes in 2011)
  • Why not dress an outfit with some oversized costume jewellery? It is the ‘Diamond’ jubilee after all so why not wear a dress ring on each hand in different colours (Top Shop even have a jubilee crown ring), plus ear-rings and a large pearl choker (as an homage to Her Majesty).


  • If you want to go for the subtle approach there are several nail wraps you can buy with Union Jack flags on (these Nail Rock ones look incredible), or paint each finger different colours (a huge favourite with my five year old daughter when visiting the Tantrum nail bar at Hamleys
  • Personally, as diamonds are a girl’s best friend, I’m more than happy to spend the whole jubilee weekend in a cute little dress such as this from Oasis teamed with some faux diamond studs and necklace, my gorgeous Lulu Guinness Aqua Annabelle bag and a jug of pimms permanently filled to the brim!
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