ISIS EYES Opticians, Fulham, London.

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I only recently started using reading glasses; although I have been know to occasionally wear clear-lensed glasses in an attempt to look clever/cool/probably neither. So when it was official that I needed glasses I headed to eBay to buy a bunch of reading glasses in a variety of colours at five pairs for £10, they seemed okay, reading texts/emails and books suddenly seemed so much sharper and less headache inducing. And not being super strong I figured I could stick with the cheap pairs for a while.

Sunglasses always came from the front of a magazine during the summer months. What does it matter if they were slightly tight, loose, wonky (or is it my ears) for the cost of £3.99 (including the magazine) you can’t really complain can you.

Then, there comes a time when you have to be a bit more grown up about all things optical and this is where ISIS EYES come in to the story. A small, independently owned opticians on the Fulham Road in a very trendy area of London, with a wealth of knowledge and a great feeling of care for the customer.

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Comida Fest – Latin American Street Food. Southbank, London


I went along to Comida Fest, which was on the Southbank in London in May and returns again to Thames Riverside on June 18th and 19th . It’s a Latin American Street Food festival and if you are a fan (or even just curious) of all things Latin American then go along you’ll have a ball.

I was sitting out in the sunshine on a Sunday morning, next to the river with live music playing, so many traders cooking up a storm and the flavours and spices filling the air were intoxicating, I wasn’t sure what to try first.


Café Pacifico (London’s Original Mexican Cantina) were serving up some fine Tequila, I accompanied it with some street tacos from the kitchen. Salsa Latin Street Food served up some great burgers (veggie option too), Guarida Café had delicious Pastel’s. I tried arepa’s from Guasacaca, drank Cocalero smash (made with coca leaves, guarana, ginseng and juniper berries), this cocktail mixed with passion fruit and ice – BE WARNED – IT’S FAR TOO EASY TO DRINK. There is a lot of meat dishes to try but don’t fear fellow veggies, I came away rolling I was so stuffed.

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Wonderland at Proud Galleries, Camden


Celebrating 150 years since the publication of the original novel by Lewis Carroll, Proud Galleries in Camden have created a whimsical world in Proud Wonderland with stunning surroundings high above the hustle and bustle of Camden Markets.

Following on from the European premiere of Tim Burton’s Alice Through the Looking Glass last week at Leicester Square, London, Minx and I went along to check this out. Wonderland is located above Stables Market and really is a magical area bedecked with faux grass, black and white tiles, brightly coloured furniture, and teapots galore. There are smaller areas that you can take drinks and food and hang out in, also plenty of tables outside if the weather is good.


Minx and I hung out with the Mad Hatter (can’t guarantee he’ll be there on the same night you are), and several Alice’s serving drinks. Lots of fun and a great area to seek refuge in if the busy buzz of Camden becomes too much for you (and they serve gin!).


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Restaurant Review – Rustiko, Soho, London.


In the middle of the hustle and bustle of Soho in London there is a new basement bar on Old Compton Street called The Shed.

It is an extension to the Italian restaurant and bar Rustiko, which opened last year, The Shed offers a cool haven to relax and play whilst keeping to Soho’s Italian heritage.

Fast establishing itself as an institution in Soho, I went for dinner at the Italian soul bar and restaurant RustiKo with a friend last week. The food is old school Italian cooking, the restaurant is intimate and the décor makes you feel partly as though you are holidaying in Italy and partly as though you are being welcomed by open arms into a well-loved family restaurant.static1.squarespace-1

The music is great, it features a funky blues playlist, the cocktail menu offers all the favourites, the wine list has been tasted and chosen with care and the food menu features lots of sharing plates and delicious classic Italian dishes. It really does scream soul food, the type of food ‘Mama used to make’.

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SENSAI – The Triple Touch Compact



I have a bursting make up bag always and struggle to condense what I really need to take out with me for the day for that necessary touch up before a meeting or after lunch, or pre-drinks/dinner after work.

Until, I tried the SENSAI Triple Touch Compact that has everything I need to ensure a smooth base, cutting down the need to carry a primer, concealer and a foundation.

It’s a really nice looking compact to start with, a good size colourless concealer (think translucent solid gel-like, oil free coverage) that smoothes out under the eyes and covers fine lines and pores.

Screen shot 2016-04-11 at 7.54.01 PM

The cream concealer has an SPF15, is a tinted and moisturizing creamy layer, which will camouflage dark circles and any pigmentation. Can be used over the colourless concealer or on its own.

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Origins Of Restaurant Preview


From April 7th Origins Of will launch its first kitchen takeover in Spitalfields, hosted at the independently run venue Blessing’s. Abdulla Amin and Hugo Toland’s Middle Eastern-inspired take on traditional recipes will bring a new flavour to the plates of Londoners. 

Friends for over 20 years, Abdulla Amin and Hugo Toland are out to introduce new ideas and flavours to the palettes of forward-thinking Londoners via Origins Of. The concept takes classic Middle Eastern ingredients, remixing them for a new audience. Abdulla, who left a professional career to pursue his lifelong passion for food, along with Hugo, a consultant whos projects have included dining powerhouse Street Feast, embarked on an adventure to create a fresh take on classic dishes.

The three main offerings of spice infused fried chicken, buttermilk soaked cauliflower florets and a vibrant twist on the classic falafel are served dressed on three mini charred flat breads, as a basket or sharing platters with a selection of sauces including; Tahini Hype, Scotch Bonnet Mayo, Fresh Sweet Chilli, Honey Mustard BBQ and Sumac Yoghurt.

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Haute Couture Afternoon Tea – Hyatt Regency


The Montagu Restaurant at The Hyatt Regency, Churchill in London has done it again. Following on from the recent fashion weeks, they’ve chosen a brilliant theme for their latest Afternoon Tea in, you guessed it, fashion. Their ‘Haute-Tea’ is served in the Montagu Restaurant every day until the end of March.

623f0e2b-4653-4c0e-a787-484d2125596aWith couture from fashion legend Anthony Price exclusively adorning the Montagu restaurant, everything from your first drink, a ‘Needle and Thread’ cocktail or mocktail (complete with needle and a button made from icing), through to sandwiches including one made with an incredible leopard print brioche. Traditional delicious warm scones with jam and clotted cream of course and beautiful cakes, biscuits and desserts paying homage to Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Bette Davis in the form of a chocolate shoe, biscuit dress, and panna cotta topped with a hat made from icing.


Minx and I had so much fun. The staff are super attentive and very keen to tell all the connections between your food and the current theme, the food was great and timely. For me the Hyatt Regency is beginning to top my list for their themed teas and I can’t wait to see what they’re going to conjure up next.

Be quick or you’ll miss it!

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The Mindfulness Bible.


If you’ve heard of mindfulness and are interested in the practice, this is the book for you. If you haven’t heard of mindfulness, this is still the book for you. The aptly titled ‘Mindfulness Bible’ is all you need to know about the topic and will be the only guide you need to help you live in the now.

Brilliantly structured, you’re first given a ‘how to use the book’ chapter to ease you in. Next, you find out about the origins of the practice as well as the research, science and different therapies of it. This in-depth background information allows you to come to your own conclusions as to whether mindfulness might be for you and if it isn’t, you will still gain a massive appreciation as to why this practice is becoming increasingly recognised in today’s society. There are also case studies and personal stories interjected to connect with others on their journey as you consider yours.

What’s great about this book is the recognition of the individual and how mindfulness could help you. Whether you’re looking to simply be more present in day-to-day life or you’re struggling with mental health issues – the book identifies we are all different and offers a variety of practices to reflect this.

For those who might not be ready to start with meditation, the book also suggests movements, stretches and walking exercises as a gentle introduction. You can even start by drinking your tea mindfully!

The benefits of mindfulness are becoming more and more apparent in today’s hectic lifestyle and this book will be your go-to guide on your journey to becoming more present and enjoying life moment to moment.

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Beauty Review- Silk Oil of Morocco Fibre Brow Enhancer


I have always had fairly non-existent eyebrows. The shape is not so bad but i’ve always had fair haired brows and now with age they are even lighter. I usually use a pencil or powder to make them a little more ‘there’. And as any good make up artist will always tell you ‘your eyebrows frame your face’, and they really can make all the difference when they are made up well.

This little wonder product allows you to ‘grow’ your eyebrows, instantly achieving fullness whilst being super easy to apply. The clue is in the title here the ‘fibre brow enhancer’ is filled with tiny fibres which latch onto your own eyebrows and stay put ALL day. As with the rest of your make up it all comes off at the end of the day with your regular eye make up remover.


I found the Silk Oil of Morocco Fibre Brow Enhancer very easy to use (if you are used to using an eyebrow pencil then follow that method), i liked the look and that it lasted all day. The product comes in a range of shades from extra light to dark so no problem in finding your perfect colour match either.

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Bar Review – The Light Lounge London

Screen shot 2016-01-06 at 9.23.40 PM

If you’ve ever been in the middle of Soho of an evening and thought amidst all of this bustle and noise there must be somewhere to sit back, relax and have a sophisticated cocktail… well I’ve found it! The Light Lounge is a boutique cocktail lounge located behind the Hippodrome, right between Leicester Square and Chinatown. You could walk past it and not know it’s there which is what particularly drew me to it.

Enter inside a doorway, go up one flight of stairs, and you have arrived in a haven of chic sofas and stylish lighting, with the feel of a private members club without the membership fee.


You can reserve an area, you can book the whole lounge for a private event, or you can just turn up on the night and catch up with friends over delicious cocktails. Continue reading

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